We have compiled a list of how to use NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO, FAQ and answers. Please use this list to confirm.

[How to order]

  • How to order products

    ①To shop at NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO ONLINE SHOP, the customer need to register as a NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO MEMBER’S. This is free to register NIL DUE/NIL UN TOKYO MEMBER’S.
    Please confirm the customer agreement before the registration from the new registration procedure page on the LOG IN page of our shop site.

    * If you do not agree to the terms & conditions, you may not purchase products. Thank you for your understanding.

    After entering your order information from the membership registration page, advance to the “confirmation page” and complete your registration. After registering, please login. A membership service is a free service that allows users to conveniently shop.
    It has convenient functions such as eliminating the needs for entering information such as addresses every time you shop, as well as provides an order history.

    ②Select a product from the product list.
    When you click on a product image, you can confirm the product details, such as the product, quantity, and price.

    ③When you have decided on a product, select the quantity and click “add to cart”, which then allows you to confirm the products, quantities, and prices of items in your cart. Data will be retained in the sight for a certain period of time.
    * The product image is for reference only. The color and shape of the actual product may differ. Thank you for your understanding.

    ④When all desired products are in the cart, after confirmation of the contents, click on “BUY”, and advance to the login page.

    ⑤When you login, confirm the shipping address and click “send to selected address”

    ⑥Select a payment method, Delivery country and delivery time.
    Furthermore, if there are any inquiries, feel free to enter them and click “next”

    ⑦At the order confirmation screen of the contents, your purchase statement, shipping and handling fees will be automatically calculated to provide a total amount (tax included).
    After final confirmation, click “next”.
    When the order complete screen is displayed, your order has arrived at the NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO site.

    ⑧Order confirmation
    When you complete your order, an order confirmation E-mail will be sent to your registered E-mail address, and your order is complete. The order confirmation E-mail is sent automatically, so depending on your spam filter, you may not receive the E-mail.
    If you do not receive the E-mail, there are errors in the content, or you would like to edit the content, please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE.

    ※Cautionary notices
    Products are available while supplies last. We ask for your understanding if stocks run out. Furthermore, depending on the product, there may be a purchasing limit. Thank you for your understanding.

    ※Cancellations and changes are not accepted regardless if the product has not been shipped yet. When purchasing, please confirm the contents thoroughly to prevent any mistakes.

[Regarding membership registration]

  • I registered the wrong information for my membership registration.

    Edits can be made from the MY page by logging into NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO.

[Regarding the login and MY page]

  • I can’t log in.

    If you cannot log in, the following reasons may apply.

    (1) You entered your E-mail address incorrectly.
    Please enter your registered E-mail address in half-size alphanumeric characters.
    If you have forgotten your E-mail address, please contact us via the inquiry page.

    (2) You have entered your password incorrectly If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password.

    <How to reset your password>
    You can reset your password from the “Forgot your password? Please click.” section of the login page.

    1 Enter your registered E-mail address and name.

    2 A reset page URL will be sent to your registered E-mail address.

    3 Access the reset page and enter a new password.

    4 After you enter a new password, click the “reset” button.

  • I am a member of NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO. My E-mail address, address, and phone number have changed since I ordered.

    Products will be delivered to the address designated when ordering. Because of this, edits to your membership information on NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO will not be reflected to the delivery address.
    If you wish to change your delivery address before the product arrives, please make sure to contact us via the “inquiries.” (Depending on the situation, we may not be able to respond. Thank you for understanding.)
    Please be aware that if you do not contact us, the products will be delivered to the address registered prior to editing, and re-delivery fees may be charged at your expense.

  • I want to unsubscribed my account

    .Please make a procedure for membership unsubscribe from the "unsubscribe my account" field of MY PAGE after logging in the shop site.
    ※ If you register for withdrawal, you cannot use any member services such as past purchase history.
    ※When you want to come back and re-register on our site with the same E-mail address,
    Please make an inquiry from the CONTACT page.

[Regarding orders]

  • What happens when I cancel an order when paying via credit card?

    [Precautions for the credit card payment screen]
    If the following occurs on the settlement page, the settlement will not have been completed.
    ・Closing the settlement page before the settlement has been completed
    ・Clicking your browser’s “return”, “reload”, or “refresh” buttons.
    ・When credit cards are not available for use
    ・When a communication failure occurs

    If you cancel an order while paying via credit card]
    If you do not complete your settlement while shopping, the credit card settlement will not be completed. However, the credit card system will temporarily confirm the settlement before advancing to the settlement page. Please be assured that all temporarily settled orders will automatically be cancelled, and payments etc. will not occur.

  • Can I order by telephone, fax or E-mail?

    All NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO orders will be accepted from PC or smartphone only.
    We do not accept orders by telephone, fax, or E-mail. Please be aware.

  • I haven’t received an order confirmation E-mail/I am concerned if my order has been completed

    After completing your order, an order completion E-mail will be sent to the address “info@nilduenilun-tokyo.com”.
    If you do not receive an order acceptance confirmation E-mail, either your have entered the wrong E-mail address, or you have set a spam filter, or have set the domain.
    For users who have set spam filter settings or have specified a domain, please change your settings to allow “nilduenilun-tokyo.com” E-mails.
    Even if you do not receive an order confirmation E-mail, if you have a purchase history in the “MY page”, then your order has been completed. Even if you do not receive an order confirmation E-mail, if your order status is recorded in your purchase history, then your order has been completed. If you do not receive an order confirmation E-mail, please confirm your purchase history.

  • Products have gone missing from my cart.

    There are two possibilities regarding items being removed from your cart.
    Even when items placed in your cart disappear, we do not guarantee the product will be replaced or complemented, nor do we guarantee purchase. Thank you for your understanding.
    ① Due to the structure of the system, items are automatically removed after an hour passes since products are placed in the cart.
    ② When there is some sort of problem in the signal between the system and the user’s computer, which results in customer order information to be interrupted, and cart information must be cleared.

  • Could I have a gift wrapping services?

    We are very sorry but we do not gift wrapping our selling items.

  • Can I ask to deliver my purchased item to my staying hotel?

    No, we do not deliver our item to a temporary residence such as a hotel room. When we confirm a temporary address in a shipping address on an order form, the shipping package might be cancelled it`s shipping. Also when we find the shipping address which is representing other shop registered as a shipping address, the shipping items are no insured even when it is found any defection including item lost on shipping.

[Regarding payments]

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping cost is different depends on the country to ship and the weight of the package. The shipping cost will be automatically calculate and add to your final payment when you make an order.

  • How can I make payments?

    Credit card payment only. Please see the following.
    【Credit card】
    Usable credit cards are JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, and DINERS.

  • I haven’t received a payment completion E-mail.

    When your payment has been completed, the payment date and time will be listed under your purchase history in your “MY page”.

[Regarding shipping]

  • I ordered twice. Is it possible to have them packaged together?

    Because items are shipped per order, we do not accept the consolidated packaging of products after ordering. If you wish to have items delivered in one shipping, then please order all desired items at once.

  • When will my products arrive?

    It depends on the product, so please confirm the information described in the product page.
    ■Preorder products
    Products designated as “preorder product” have a predetermined delivery scheduled date.
    Please confirm the delivery date in the product details.

  • Will I receive an E-mail when products are shipped?

    After your order has been completed, we will send an order completion E-mail from the address “info@nilduenilun-tokyo.com”. If you do not receive this E-mail, you may have entered your E-mail address incorrectly.
    Please set your filter settings to allow E-mails from “nilduenilun-tokyo.com” to be received.

    ■Regarding long-term absence and refusal of acceptance
    We ask for a reshipping fee when you request for a reshipping according to a customer`s personal circumstances such as finding mistake in a registered information after your purchased item has on a shipping, or mistakenly registered address or changed, denied delivering, long term absence and such.

    We do not report customers about package return according to shipping address mistake or a long-term absence, Please contact to NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO for inquiry.

    ※When we find several packagse returned according to customer`s personal circumstance, the item request will be cancelled or no longer to be able to purchase our items.
    When we make these types of order to be cancelled, we will request for a cancel fee to the customer.

  • I have 2 NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO ID’s (login E-mail addresses), and I would like to have my order history consolidated.

    Order histories will not be consolidated even if you have multiple ID’s (login E-mail addresses).

  • What is the source address of E-mails from NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO?

    The source domain is “info@nilduenilun-tokyo.com”.

    NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO sends notifications to customers regarding orders from the above E-mail address.
    If you have set filters to your E-mail address, please change your filter settings to allow E-mails from the above domain to be accepted.

    ※Order history, and delivery status can be confirmed from the “MY page”.
    If you do not receive an E-mail, please check your “MY page”.

[Regarding the products]

  • The products were defective/The product I received is not what I ordered

    If you find a defection in the product, or if you have received a product different from what you have ordered, we will replace the product if it is in stock. If the product is out of stock, we will give a refund.
    Furthermore, defective products and products damaged during shipping will be replaced after we have confirmed the product. Please contact us within 7 business days of the arrival of the product.

  • I want to cancel my order.

    We do not accept any cancellation or changes in orders even if the product has not been shipped yet, so please be careful when ordering.

  • Can I return products or have them replaced?

    By to the terms & conditions, we do not accept any returns or replacements due to customer conditions. Thank you for understanding.
    Regarding replacements as in situations listed above, please contact us within 7 business days of the arrival of the product.

    ・We do not replace, cancel, or accept returns of products that have been used or have been damaged due to customer circumstances.
    ・Damage to the packaging meant to protect the product will be exempt. Please be aware.
    ・We do not replace or accept returns of products after 7 days from arrival.
    ・When returning products, please include all included items.
    ・All shipping fees for returns regarding defective products or the delivery of items different than ordered will be covered by NIL DUE / NIL UN TOKYO.
    ・Regarding the replacement of defective products or products that have been delivered differently than ordered, please contact us via “inquiries”. If you return items without contacting us first, there may be a delay in response. We thank you for your understanding in advance.

  • Damages to the packing box

    Only the product will be subject for replacement. Any damages to the packing box for transport, or product packaging meant for protecting the product will not be subject for replacement.

  • Can I replace the size?

    We do not accept any cancellations, changes in quantity, size, color, or additions due to the customer convenience after the order has been completed.
    Please confirm the contents before ordering.
    Please check the sizing before ordering.